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The Cryptosteel Capsule contains a set of steel character tiles that can be used to store your password or seed phrase in the stainless steel Capsule. One Capsule can store a seed phrase or password composed of 24 words abbreviated to the first 4 letters.


Navigating between Cold and Hot Wallets

Cryptosteel devices are pocket-sized stainless steel units designed to securely store the important data of your choice with no need for specialised tools or third-party involvement. Each product comes with its own kit of stainless steel tiles engraved on each side. Codes and passwords are assembled manually from the supplied set of characters part-randomised for an extra layer of security.

Once a desired sequence is locked into a device, it essentially gains the status of offline permanence, featuring resistance to physical damage, including fire, flooding, corrosive conditions, electric shock and impact from accidents. All of the characters are deeply stamped into the tiles to provide maximum longevity.

Smart Scan

Trade with Peace of Mind

Real-time scanning and alerting
Safeguard against phishing DApps and assess the security of received assets.

Preview transaction details
Gain advanced visibility for informed decisions.

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