CRYPTOBILIS Sponsorship Proposal.

Thank you for considering CRYPTOBILIS as your potential partner. We value partnerships as part of a critical component of our regional marketing approach and as opportunity to grow and benefit together

What are we looking for in a sponsorship proposal ?

1. A platform that promotes CRYPTOBILIS' positioning and brand regionally

2. Opportunities for business growth, long term business investment and capability building through Thought Leadership

3. Events that bring people together, providing distinctive experiences for our existing as well as potential customers

Additional consideration will be given if your proposal includes maximum marketing potential, cross promotions, media extensions, flexible and creative benefits package, and business development opportunities.

Group Policy Restrictions

As a matter of policy, we do not support:

  • Political, religious, sectarian associations
  • Gambling, alcohol, tobacco, pornography related activities.
  • Risky events, hazard to community.
  • Promote violence, discrimination, or exploitation.
  • Individual or scholarship scheme
  • Financial Advice by Non-Financial Certified entity.

 Next Step

If you believe your sponsorship proposal fits our criteria, kindly fill in the sponsorship request form. We carefully review each of these requests, so please allow 7 days for review and follow up. Please note that we no longer accept requests via email or phone.

Choose your category

1. I am an influencer and I’d like to contribute to the industry in terms of public education, community engagement or regional brand awareness.

2. I am organizing an event. I’d like to CryptoBilis to join the fun as a co-sponsor or co-organizer.

3. I’m trying my luck to see if I can get anything.

Thank you in advance for your time and we will contact you should your proposal has been shortlisted.



Trying My Luck

We are constantly trying to improve and empower the community better each day. However, at this moment, we are unable to sponsor individuals apart from the other categories. You may begin with our affiliate program which will set yon on a part for future collaboration with us. Good Luck!!

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